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Equally important are physical education, as well as the rejection of squeezing and tight clothing (belts, underwear). If necessary, it is possible to wear an unloading corset.

The syndrome is more often observed in men aged 50–60 years (75%).

An objective examination of the patient reveals hypesthesia / analgesia along the anterior outer surface of amoxil (up to 100%). In 80% of cases, pain is noted on palpation and percussion in the region of the nerve trunk, pain increases with hip hyperextension, and decreases with flexion in the hip joint.


The painful point is at the level of the notch under the anterior superior iliac spine.

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The diagnosis is made on the basis of neurological symptoms. There are no laboratory and instrumental research methods. Discogenic radiculopathy of the lumbar level.

Treatment is prescribed only after confirmation of the diagnosis by a specialist doctor. Vitamin therapy, analgesics, massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical culture, novocaine and hydrocortisone blockades, surgical intervention in the inguinal ligament are shown. Measures such as the normalization of body weight, the exclusion of external compressive factors and the treatment of somatic diseases are of great importance.

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Roth's disease is a common pathology that affects men and women equally.

Persons of average and advanced age suffer.

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The lack of regular physical activity on the muscles of the lower extremities provokes the development of carpal tunnel syndrome, in which the median femoral nerve is affected.

What is Roth Bernhardt's paresthetic meralgia, we will tell in the proposed material. Here you can also learn about the symptoms of Roth's disease, methods of treatment using manual therapy techniques.

Before analyzing the causes of Roth's disease on the leg, it is worth saying that the pathology is a rather painful tunnel syndrome.